Monday, April 25, 2016

DIY Post #1: Succulents in Teacups

Today my DIY project consisted of transferring succulents from their pots into antique teacups. It was pretty simple, all you need are a few succulents, teacups, and I mixed in some small rocks and compost.

Here are the teacups and succulents I worked with today:

I started by pouring some rocks into the bottom of each teacup. I did this because when watering the plants (which does not have to be very often) the excess water needs somewhere to go.

Once that was done I took the first succulent, tapped the bottom of its container and gently pulled it out. Then I placed it inside its designated teacup.

I added some compost to the mix and put a few more small rocks around the top for aesthetic reasons and then it was done! Here is what both my succulents looked like after transferring them over to their teacups:

Cute right? And super easy, just don't be too rough with the succulents, depending on the kind they can be pretty fragile.

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